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Lutheran Education: From Wittenberg to the Future

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The liberal arts model has traditionally been preferred in Lutheran elementary classrooms. No other educational paradigm so well meets the requirements of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. There is no reason that the liberal arts cannot be adapted to meet contemporary needs. The question is, what should be the main focus of a contemporary presentation of the arts?

Thomas Korcok demonstrates how the Wittenberg theologians settled on a liberal arts education as the preferred model for Evangelical Christian elementary schools. He then traces how that model persisted and was adapted as Lutherans moved from Europe to North America. Korcok concludes that the liberal arts model fits our contemporary setting as changes in society today make it ever more important to have an elementary education that is compatible with Evangelical Theology. The book includes:

What Others Are Saying

A very comprehensive history of the factors that have affected Lutheran Education. This book is a must read for all Lutheran educators.
— Bill Cochran
Director of School Ministry
The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Well written, engaging, and often surprising—my copy is thoroughly marked and cross-referenced. If a living tradition is innovation that succeeds, here is a book to help us think about the future of Lutheran education as innovation in catechesis and the liberal arts.
— Russ Moulds, PhD
Professor of Education, Concordia University Nebraska
Op-ed editor, Issues in Christian Education

A timely contribution to discussions within contemporary Lutheran education and . . . a must read for every Lutheran educator and those who are preparing to teach children.
— Rev. Stephen W. Kieser
President, The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education

Thomas Korcok, PhD, serves as a senior lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies at Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY. He is broadly experienced, having studied educational models and theology in the United States, Canada, Scotland, and Holland. Dr. Korcok has also taught Catechetics at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. While serving as pastor of Grace Ev. Lutheran Church in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, he developed an elementary school that was based on many of the principles in this book.

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